We have a team opportunity for everyone and would love to have you join us.

We make the team evaluation process as low-stress as possible.

The week leading into tryouts, we provide a free 2-day clinic. Here, athletes work side-by-side with other athletes in their age group. They will be given numerous chances to demonstrate skills that they have already learned. We will also teach them a very short, easy-to-learn routine that they will later show the staff in small groups. We will give them plenty opportunities to warm up and practice the routines until they are comfortable with the material. We want the athletes to be relaxed, so the entire process is as much like a regular practice as possible.


No experience is necessary! Tryouts are an assessment process where our staff can evaluate each child’s skills and accurately place them on a team that suits their needs and will ensure the greatest amount of personal and team growth. Tryouts is a very relaxed and informal atmosphere where our athletes get to learn new choreography, meet new friends, and have fun on the mats. Prospective Cali Courage members will be evaluated on the following areas:

  • Attitude
  • Variety of Jumps
  • Tumbling (Running & Standing)
  • Flexibility
  • Stunts

There are flyer evaluations for athletes that wish to be a flyer for the next season. Flyers will show technique, flexibility, and potential. Attending flyer tryouts does not guarantee a spot as a flyer.

Team Placements

After tryouts, Cali Courage’s coaching staff will carefully assemble rosters for the upcoming season. There may be athletes on any given team that tumble at a different level than the rest of their teammates, but please remember that stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, motions, and age are important factors as well. We work hard to build teams that each have the best possible chance of a successful competitive season. After rosters are set, we will contact each athlete’s family by phone to let them know the results of tryouts. We will also email a PDF of the 2017-2018 payment schedule and contract for your review.

Acceptance Day

­Congratulations! You’ve been offered a spot on one of our teams for the 2017-2018 season. If you and your athlete accept, you’ll be invited back to the gym on acceptance day to thoroughly go over your contract with one of our staff members. We’ll be available to answer any questions you may have before signing. Your athlete will also be fitted for her uniform and practice wear. We will be collecting the following on acceptance day:

  • Signed Contract
  • Athlete’s Measurements
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (new members only)
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • $300 (first month’s tuition, practice wear, team shirt, and practice bow)

If we are missing one or more of the items listed above, your athlete will not be able to begin training at Cali Courage until the registration process has been completed.

Age Grid

The age of the competitor as of August 31, 2017 will be the age used for competition purposes throughout the 2017-2018 season for all club divisions. Below is a list of possible options for the 2017-2018 season. These are not the guaranteed team levels and the actual number of teams will be determined after tryouts.

DivisionAgeAvailable Spots
Youth Level 16-11 Years Old5-22
Junior Level 18-14 Years Old5-22
Junior Level 28-14 Years Old5-22
Senior Level 111-18 Years Old5-22
Senior Level 211-18 Years Old5-22

Cali Courage recognizes the concern with fielding teams of a broad age range and will be vigilant in monitoring participants of various ages on the same team and that, whenever possible, a team’s composition is made up of participants of similar ages.


What if my athlete isn’t old enough?

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be having an Exhibition Pre-Team for ages 3-6 this upcoming season! This team will perform in “evaluation only” at events and will have a lower time commitment than our traditional all star teams. If you’d like to know more, please send us an email at


What if I can’t make tryouts?

A private tryout can be arranged for $35. Email us at to schedule a date.


What if I can’t tumble? Does this mean I am not going to make a “good” team?

No. All of the teams at Cali Courage are “good” teams! Everyone has a place here and tumbling is not a requirement. It is a skill you will learn with your staff.


Can I cheer for my high school and join Cali Courage?

Yes. Please bring your high school cheer team’s schedule to tryouts. Whether or not you are involved in a variety of activities, we will need your highest level of commitment*.

*Commitment is the price you are willing to pay to get remarkable results.


How long is the 2017-2018 season? 

Cali Courage is a 12-month program. We will begin practicing the first week of May 2017 and continue through the middle of April 2018.


When is the gym closed? 

May 29 (Memorial Day)
July 3-4 (Independence Day Weekend)
July 24 – August 4 (Summer Break)
September 4 (Labor Day)
November 23-24 (Thanksgiving)
December 18-January 1 (Winter Break)


What are the costs involved in All Star Cheerleading? 

There are two different areas of cost for All Star Cheerleading. The first is your monthly tuition of $125. This is paid directly to the gym and covers an athlete’s time in the facility, equipment fees, and their provided instruction.

The second cost is your “team fees” which include all other expenses that are paid to different vendors. Competition registration fees vary each season depending on which events our teams attend but they typically average $70 per performance. Other mandatory expenses that are part of your team fees will include the purchase of a uniform (new members only), shoes, practice wear, team shirt, USASF annual membership, camp and licensed custom music.